Is Your Office Building Really Secure?

If you own or manage a business, the security of your office building is likely one of your primary concerns.

Here are some things that every business should have to keep its security up to date.

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Video Surveillance (Security Cameras):

This will help office managers and the business owner keep a watchful eye on the premises. However, the installation of this system alone is not enough. Understand the operation of your camera system is essential for identifying incidents.  This type of monitoring records the event for review.

While it is nice to have hidden cameras and ground level lighting, these aren’t the best ways to keep your property secured. Cameras should be prominently placed to deter potential burglars. When a thief sees a camera, he is often deterred from trying to break in.

While visible cameras are essential, so is exposure. Don’t line your office’s entryways with shrubbery and trees. The view of those sidewalks and walkways should not be obstructed by any foliage or decorative greenery. There should be no hiding places for thieves. If you have multiple entrances into your building, consider reducing them to one or two. Every door inside is just another way for a thief to access your property. Each emergency exit door should be equipped with an alarm.

Employees should only be able to enter the building if they show their badges or enter in a key code that will open the office’s doors. While typing a code to enter facility doors can seem like a nuisance, it could prevent a potentially disastrous event. Employee and visitor identification procedures help identify one’s purpose on the premises.

Pay special attention to your office’s most important rooms. Areas like the server room should be protected with extra safeguards. Don’t let anyone walk in and out of these important spaces. It is possible to control the activities of these rooms remotely. Consider installing an access control system in your data centers and other important spaces to improve office security. Those granted permission to enter the space can be monitored through the access system.  Cameras could also be installed to help secure the space.

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