Ten Reasons Why Aegis offers the Best Cincinnati Security System

Aegis is the finest security system provider in the Greater Cincinnati area, but the proof is in the pudding. Every customer who works with Aegis knows that they stand for quality and value in Cincinnati security systems. Here are ten reasons why Aegis is the best way to secure offices and commercial buildings.

1. The Price

The low cost of working with Aegis prevents a business from straining to have their security needs met. Aegis has competitive prices for monitoring and security installation.

2. The System

Every security system installed by Aegis is state-of-the-art. Aegis does not use anything but the most advanced technology in its security systems. This allows for businesses to maximize their security without sacrificing convenience.

3. The Custom Security Solution

Every facility is different which is why we custom design each security solution. Aegis systems are designed to meet the particular needs of the facility and client. Instead of simply using the same thing that is used in every other building, a custom system ensures that our clients security goals are met.

4. The Consultation

Along with a custom security installation, every business gets a free consultation to help them determine how to manage the security of their building. With a consultation, every customer will see what they need to do in order to keep their building secure.

5. Understanding Of The Area

Aegis understands what different parts of Cincinnati are like and what security measures must be taken in order to keep a building safe in that part of town. Because Aegis is a local business, they can give local businesses personalized service that national chains cannot offer.

6. Card Readers

Every business that wants to automate secure entry into a building can use card readers as part of an integrated access control system installed and maintained by Aegis. While these systems may seem like they are only for large corporations, any company can have card readers installed so allow only authorized personnel to enter their buildings.

7. Keypad Entry

Keypad entry systems are a wonderful way to allow only authorized people to enter certain parts of a building or even certain rooms. Aegis can install keypads wherever the business likes to help increase security.

8. Security Cameras

The security camera systems installed by Aegis can cover every inch of a building to ensure the safety of all the workers and products in the building. The feeds can be sent to one monitor at a security desk.

9. Monitoring

The monitoring services from Aegis are second-ton-none. Because many businesses have problems with their security after hours, the monitoring center at Aegis is able to contact the authorities whenever there is a security breach. Business owners do not have to scramble police and fire units because the Aegis service center does that for them.

10. Customer Service

Aegis offers the best customer service in the industry. When customers have questions or concerns, they will be met with friendly and knowledgeable customer service associates.


It’s easy to see why Aegis should be your first choice when you’re looking for a Cincinnati security system

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