Important Questions to Ask Your IT Department before Upgrading Your Security Camera System

A well designed security camera system is critical for the protection of one’s business. Technology is constantly changing and to maximize the effectiveness, systems need to be upgraded to meet the standards of modern technology. With so many options available, the involvement of your IT department is critical in this regard. Here are some of the questions that one should ask their IT team before upgrading to a new security camera system:

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Will the new camera system utilize our existing network?

Modern surveillance systems use the web to increase their versatility, flexibility and accessibility. A dedicated security camera network can be put into place or you can take advantage of your existing network. There are pros and cons to each and it is important to make this decision early in the process.

Does the new camera system use FTP sessions or SSH sessions?

The data transfers themselves must be actively protected. One should make sure that all security camera system transfers between a server and client use SSH connections, which are encrypted — as opposed to unsecured FTP connections.

Where will the surveillance data be stored?

Modern camera surveillance systems store data on a local server. You may have existing capacity in your existing hardware to utilize for storage and maintenance of your video. Keep in mind that high definition video requires a lot of processing power and storage so you want to make sure to size your hardware appropriately and account for future growth.

How long will the surveillance data be stored?

Companies often have specific standards for how long surveillance data should be stored. It is critical that one identifies this standard before sizing and specifying the system and associated hardware.

How will relevant personnel be trained to deal with the new camera system?

A new security camera system that uses new technology will be foreign to a company’s security team. In order to make sure that all relevant personnel are capable of managing the new system, they should be prepared. As the technology experts of the company, one’s IT department should spearhead the coordination of these training efforts.

Before upgrading your security camera system, make sure it meets your standards

When upgrading your security camera system, you should reap security benefits, not end up with an added hassle and security risk. As such, you must make sure to identify your security and safety priorities and ensure that your new system addresses those priorities.

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