All Access Control Systems are Not the SameAccess Control

The question is no longer “Should I have an access control system,” but rather, “What level of access control do I need?”

Aegis Protective Services can work with you to seamlessly mesh your security requirements with your budget.

Guard Services—the face of Aegis

Thorough background checks and drug testing are required for all applicants. Guards are providing effective training that delivers them with appropriate responses to various situations they may face.

Patrol Services allow you to sleep at night

Several times a night, one of our supervisors will patrol your facility in a marked vehicle, looking for suspicious activity, unlocked doors, and lights that are out. Their sheer presence is a deterrent to robbery and vandalism. GPS tracking allows you to know when, and for how long, our officers are at your site. You are provided with real-time reports of suspicious activity and any counter-measures that were taken.

Electronic Security Systems work together to protect your facility

As you examine your access control system needs, a number of categories are available for you to consider.

Access Control Systems can lock/unlock doors based on your timetable. It can restrict access based on the criteria you identify. We insure that the system is networked to include only those that have been granted access.

Video Surveillance solutions that use high definition make Aegis a smart choice. You can easily bookmark a video so that others can quickly find it, access your video with your Apple and Android mobile devices, zoom in for greater detail, and login to view multiple locations on one screen.

Intrusion Detection Systems that are not properly integrated cause false alarms. At Aegis, we ensure that our intrusion detection system is fully integrated with your existing security system to eliminate false alarms. You decide which alarm points, from door/window contacts to photo-electric beams to glass break detectors, are critical to your security. The monitoring fee remains the same no matter how many alarm points you have.

Fire Alarm Systems protect your employees and your business. Aegis is well versed in the fire and safety codes effecting your facility and can insure compliance.

Visitor Management has come a long way. Now, you can print formatted visitor’s badges, while capturing the information and storing it in a database.

Photo Identification for employees who cannot be duplicated by an outside source is just one of the many benefits. We can provide you with everything you need.

Contact us today for more information and an honest assessment of your security needs.