Card Reader Systems Offer Uncompromised SecurityCard Reader Systems

The question is no longer “Should I have a card control system?” but rather, “Why am I just getting one now?” Aegis Protective Services can work with you to make your facility as secure as possible.

Card access systems combine the security and convenience of having individual carry physical keys with the luxury of recording data like a keypad without the possible security threats of sharing codes.

Smart Card Access Is Integrated and Easy For Everyone

This is a huge advantage of card reader systems. They can be programmed depending on security level to open any number of doors and additionally keep access from those same rooms if someone doesn’t have clearance. One card can be considered a master key of sorts allowing those who need specific access to a room that access without the headache of remembering multiple codes.

Security You Can Count On

With modern electronic systems there are a number of security risks that could pose a threat to your facility. Employees could share passcodes with one another or individuals outside of your organization. These problems don’t exist with card access control systems, they allow you to set criteria for where a person can have access and where they can’t, they log card information so you know when employees enter a space at a specific time, and they make employees accountable for any security risks. If a card is lost it can easily be deactivated so any security breaches would be very easy to resolve by talking to the employee who has had a card go missing.