Aegis specializes in providing security to commercial facilities. We have been working for over twenty years to keep your employees and assests safe. Aegis knows how to protect you and your business.

Aegis offers your facility full rage of card swipe systems a.k.a card access control systems that enable you to know who is in your facility, when they were in your facility and where they were in your facility. Card swipe systems make protecting your facility as easy as swiping a card. Our access control systems allow you to prevent access to unwanted visitors and intruders by denying access to unauthorized people and restricting the authorizations of your employees with key fobs.

card access contorl  system

Our Card Swipe Systems are used for:

  • Managing access to individual doors on your facility
  • Running reports on doors, time, person group or alarm and when they were entered or set off
  • Recording a trail of all entries and events taken place on your facility
  • Restricting access control to certain areas via use of card or fob
  • Printing, assigning and managing badges
  • Controlling access with the click of a button
  • Locking and unlocking doors through scheduled times
  • Controlling  remotely through use of browser or mobile device

All of Aegis access control systems come installed customary to fit the individual needs of your facility. It’s necessary for the success of your business to have your assets and your employees protected. Our card swipe systems will help provide the protection necessary to keep everyone safe and your business successful.