3 Tales of Security Guard Heroism

The unsung heroes of this world are the security guards who protect us from harm while we are conducting the everyday business of our lives. Whether we are at the hospital, the shopping mall, or going to work for the day, security guards protect us and our loved ones, and usually without any recognition for what they do.

Here are three examples of how security guards have proven their worth, and heroically saved the day.

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The Value of Security Guards

While most business owners would place the highest value of security guards solidly in the “protect my stuff” category, others realize that security guards bring a host of other benefits as well. Here are just a few that maybe you haven’t considered: Continue reading

10 Characteristics All Security Guards Should Possess

The best security is the kind that goes unnoticed to the majority of people entering a business, and that eliminates possible problems before they become threats. Technological expansion has provided numerous tools to assist, but the right people are still the most important aspect of a company’s security team. Knowing what characteristics to look for in security guards is essential.

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Benefits of Security Guards

Have you ever studied or considered the benefits of having a guard in place? While many businesses and residential communities do have security guards, there are still large percentages that don’t. Because of this they’re missing out on a valuable asset that can increase business, and cut down on losses.   Continue reading