Commercial Security Cameras

Commercial security cameras from Aegis allow you to add an entirely new dimension to the security of your business. Your new commercial camera security system can be customized to easily integrate with your existing access control system or alarm system.

Security Camera Systems

  • State-of-the-Art Camera Technology-When you are considering commercial security cameras, it’s important to use the latest technology. Aegis security cameras feature high definition video surveillance and a plethora of upgraded features.

  • Video Evidence-With high-resolution footage and sound recordings, you will be able to capture and monitor everything happening on the property. In most cases, business owners start out looking to catch thieves and vandals, but end up catching much more than they expected.

Integrate Your Current Alarm System

Aegis can design your new camera system to easily integrate with your current access control system or alarm system to bolster the security of your facility overall.

Additional Benefits

  • Automated storage of months of footage

  • Ability to access and monitor footage from anywhere with a laptop, smartphone or tablet

  • Easily navigate and search through footage by time, date, motion event, and more

  • Quickly set up Email & Video Alerts