Keyless Entry Systems Are Not the Same

Keyless entry into a building is the safest, most secure way to control access to important restricted areas. Traditional keys or keypads offer entry to anyone who can copy a key or learn the access codes.

The keyless entry system designed by Aegis Protective Services allows controlled access into one or several buildings worldwide. This software system controls and monitors who is allowed to enter, as well as where and when entry takes place. The three “W’s” are the most important aspects of building security.Aegis Access Control

Any business, industry or other enterprise that needs to protect inventory, supplies, documents, and other information will benefit from this system. Each controlled access system is designed for your company’s individual needs and requirements.

Software interface

The software interface can be designed to automatically lock and unlock doors based on a time system, restricting access to your necessary personnel. This system allows network managers to run reports from their desks documenting all entries, times and locations along with people entering and exiting the buildings.

The Aegis software interface provides a complete trail of all use of the restricted areas. This includes doors left open and attempts to open the doors when access is denied.

Guards can also monitor and control the information from their stations. HR will issue the special badges and cards for entry. Access cards cannot be duplicated and entry can be denied by a simple button click.


The Aegis keyless entry software interface allows complete integration of biometric and smart card use. This includes:

  • Video recordings
  • Alarm systems including photo-electric beams
  • Guard patrols of the area
  • Pager systems
  • HVAC systems

It is necessary to monitor HVAC systems since thieves have used heating/AC ducts for illegal entry into buildings.

The keyless entry software guarantees complete security for all restricted areas including warehouses, pharmacies, general storage facilities, office buildings and individual office areas. This also includes rooms or sections for financial institutions and important document storage. Museums, art galleries, department stores, other retail services and malls will be secure with this integrated system.