Patrol Services

Can’t afford to have officers onsite? Our patrol services allow you to have your facility checked with one of our supervisors multiple times a night in a marked vehicle. With our patrol services, you can rest easy knowing that your property is protected by the best.

Aegis Patrol Car and GuardOur patrol officers and vehicles are out 24/7/365. Our patrol officers have been trained to notice any suspicious activity so they can prevent a problem before it starts.Looking for any suspicious activity, checking to make sure all doors are locked, and looking for lights that are out and other safety hazards are only
a few of examples of what our regular patrol services offer.

Our vehicles are equipped with GPS tracking devices so you will know exactly when our officers are onsite and for how long. Our electronic reporting system will provide you with real time reports of any issues that are found and the corrective measures that were taken.

Visibility is considered to be one of the most powerful crime deterrences. The presence of a patrol officer alone will keep perpetrators away, decrease robbery, vandalism and increase the safety of your facility and your people. Security isn’t a risk worth taking. You can rest assured when you’re using Aegis’ patrol services that your facility will be protected and safe.