Electronic Security

Integration is the key to security service success.

Aegis ElectronicHaving the correct security systems in place and most importantly having those systems working together is the key to properly securing your facility. With a wide range of rapidly developing technologies and systems, end users are faced with a lot of tough decisions.

With other obstacles like budget constraints, employee resistance, and lack of IT coordination, properly securing your facility and the people in it can sometimes seem overwhelming. Having a knowledgeable, reliable, and honest security partner is a necessity for making the appropriate decisions.

Aegis has the expertise, dedication, and integrity to partner with you in the design, implementation, and maintenance of a security system that will accomplish your security goals without breaking the bank.

While developing a clear understanding of your operation and budget constraints, Aegis has the ability to provide One Security Management System to protect your facility and people. We avoid the “cookie cutter” installation and develop a customized and innovative solutions to your particular facility and security concerns.

 Get your video anytime, anywhere.

Get your video anytime, anywhere.

Get high megapixel images and incredible resolution even on low bandwidth connections on Apple and Android devices. View live and recorded HD footage from any location and shorten response times even when you’re out in the field.

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