Access Control

The first step in protecting your facility is figuring out the three “W”s: WHEN is WHO allowed WHERE.

Aegis Access ControlWith traditional keys or keypads, you have extremely limited control over the access to your facility and critical areas. Keys can be copied, codes shared, facilities compromised.

Integrate recorded video, time & attendance, additional alarms, guard tour, photo-identification, graphical maps, key control, pager system, HVAC alarms and more!
Biometrics and “Smart Card” integration

One software interface and one card that can control access to a single building or hundreds of buildings spread across the world

S2 Display ScreenA well designed access control system by Aegis will allow you to:

  • Automatically lock/unlock doors via a time schedule
  • Restrict access by day, time, location, personnel group, etc
  • Network the system so a manager can run reports from their desk, HR can print and assign badges from their system, and the guard can monitor things at the security desk
  • Complete audit trail of all entries and events
  • Run reports by door, time, person, group, or alarm type
  • Remove access with a simple click of a button
  • View suspicious activities like doors propped open, doors forced open
    or repeated access denied attempts