Video Surveillance

Video Surveillance technologies continue to rapidly develop and evolve. We at Aegis are committed to staying on top of the latest technology and offering our customers the best and most cost effective solutions to meet their particular needs.

High Definition IP video solutions can provide you great coverage and easy interface from your phone or tablet anywhere at any time.


Find what you need when you need it.

Quickly find the video you need

Want to know when that car arrived without watching hours of video? Search small changes in big areas with our thumbnail search. Or, use our pixel search to find movement in one small area of the frame. Tired of having to save video off? Simply bookmark it and let other users quickly search bookmarks to find the video easily.

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Get the best detail. Unparalleled

Tired of blurry video? See what high definition video can do for you

Zoom in on recorded video get the detail that you need. Get clear images of license plates, facial recognition, and more – all at evidence quality.

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 Get your video anytime, anwyhere.

Access your video when you want, where you want.

Get high resolution live and recorded video on your Apple and Android mobile devices!

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Investigate incidents together to save time Collaborative investigations

Video Collaboration

Want to quickly show someone the video or picture you found?  Easily share your screen with another user that is logged in to share video. This can greatly reduce investigation times when sometimes seconds can count.

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Utilize your video wall’s full capabilities Intelligent virtual matrix

Video Wall

Our virtual matrix allows you to seamlessly create an intelligent video wall.

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Monitor multiple cameras from

Multiple locations with one login?

Login to multiple servers across the country at once.  One user can easily monitor cameras from multiple locations on one screen.

Mark what you need. Share it with others. Bookmark and export


Bookmark and export video for third party forensic work.

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