Visitor Management

Our visitor management solution will  streamline the visitor check-in process and provide you with an accurate log of who came in your facility and when.

Visitor Management Say good bye the visitor logbook with scribbled signatures. With our software we can electronically scan identification (driver’s license , passport, business card, etc. We can capture the information that you want, store it in a database and print a formatted visitor’s badge in seconds.

Some features of the system include:

  • Quickly scan identification
  • Print professional looking, customized badges by visitor type.
  • Active Directory Integration
  • Network multiple lobbies together
  • Let employees pre-register their visitor’s via website.
  • Incorporate watch lists to prevent unwanted visitors
  • Scan barcodes for quick check-out
  • Integration with other security management systems
  • AvailableKiosk Mode for self-registration.
  • And more!